Three topics are the heart of our business

Business and IT Strategy

The business strategy must always focus to the market and the customers of the enterprise. So must the IT strategy. An objective is met only if it was defined first. Therefore it is important de define the objectives. Whether this is done top down or as a team process is dependent of the company culture and environment – the sale of a unit for outsourcing purposes or the quota for a sales organization cannot be worked out and defined bottom up with all employees. But for a lot of other objectives this is very important so that the objectives will be accepted afterwards.

And after that it is very important to measure periodically the achievement and take additional measures to reach the goal.


Innovation is hard work! In no company there is only one head who has all the ideas and manages them to go forward. Therefore innovation management must always be anchors broadly in the organization. From a lot of ideas and wishes of the customers there might result one ore more ideas, which are worthwhile to be followed up. Forging ideas is an ideal description of the situation. An idea must be looked at from so many angles, over and over again. It must be formed and re-formed, sometimes with heavy impetus from the forge, to give it a chance to be successful.

Innovation is a cheer for customers as well as for employees. Therefore it is important not to forget the employee side in it. Who has fun working is more motivated and who is more motivated will have more success. And who has fun with a product will recommend it to a friend.

Cost Management

But with all the fun and perfection in the solution or the product – the price must be right as well. And the price can only be alright if the costs are alright.

To lower the costs is only possible if you know the drivers of your costs and you know where the target of the costs must be ending the next financial period. It can be the next quarter or a long reaching goal at the end of the three or five year strategic horizon.